My favourite Movie

Hello I am Ananya a blog writer. Today I will write about my favourite movie.

  1. My favourite movie is Tangled.
  2. The characters are, Hans, Rapanzul, wicked Witch, Queen & King.
  3. My favourite character was Rapanzul.
  4. Her hair is very long and magical , it glows when she sings.
  5. She was trapped in a tower and Hans rescued her.
  6. Rapanzul was a princess and Hans was a crown thief.
  7. They married each other and lived happily ever after.

the                                                               end!


If I was queen for a day

Hello I am Ananya.Today I will tell you if I was queen for one day, what all will I do ?

  • 33085-queen-for-a-day-zebra-foil-balloonI will rule the whole world.
  • I will buy whatever I want.
  • I will wear a big crown.
  • I will rule my world fairly.
  • I will buy many pets.
  • I will stay in a palace.
  • I will have many things in my palace.
  • If there is any problem I will sort it out.
  • I will have a swing.
  • I love being queen.


What if I knew magic?

Hello we all love magic don’t we?And I will do the following things I had magic

I would turn 1: myself & my friends into fairies 2: bad people into frogs.

I will gift myself a 1:real gold watch 2: cosy jacket 3: a villa 4: a phone.

I love snow so I will make it snow in Bangalore.

I       love     magic

My little sister

Hello I am Ananya a blog writer. Today I will tell you about my little sister.

1.My sister’s name is Aaradhya which rhymes with my name.

2.She is 1.5 yrs old and she has started blabbering a few words.

3.She calls me dida.

4.She makes very cute piggy face and blows rasberry.

5.She loves watching “Mawa Kawa”.

i love her!

My interview with my funny blogging mam

Hello , today to introduce you to Narmadha aunty, who taught me how to blog. She is very good in teaching and a very silent person. Lets start.

Q1 : What do you like to eat ?

Ans : Chocolate chocolate chocolate !

Q2 : Why do you like to teach blogging ?

Ans : Because every kid has brilliant ideas inside that little mind, and I love to help them bring out in the form of blogging.

Q3 : How did you get spectacles.

Ans : Laptop , phone, TV, laptop, phone , TV, eyes ho gaya , very bad na ? 😦

Q4 : Which is your favourite sport ?

Ans : hmm,, well.. sports and me ? burrrrrrr… maybe carrom ?

Q5 : Which is your favourite season ?

Ans : Earlier I used to love rainy season as I will dance in rain on the terrace. Now, since my kids fall sick during rainy season, I am scared..

Q6 : When you were small which school did you go ?

Ans : St Joseph’s Matriculation school 🙂

Q7 : What is your hobby ?

Ans : troubling my two kids 😛 biting them, giggling them, kissing them

Q8 : At what age did you get your first medal ?

Ans : When I was in first std, me and my friend Suchitra danced for ‘chinna chinna aasaii ‘ song from Roja movie, everyone appreciated so much and we got prize also.

Q9 : Who was your best friend when you were small ?

Ans : Madhu is my bestie… since first std… She will bring mini dosa , I will take mini poori and we exchange food daily 😀

Q10 : Do you like sour things or sweet things ?

Ans : Me , just like my daddy loves sweets

Q11 : Why don’t you wear earrings ?

Ans : Because Yaalini pulls it 😥

Q12 : Whom do you love the most in your family ?

Ans : My parents, hubby, kids all are very important to me.. My husband gets first in the list as I can trouble him , ask him whatever I want, annoy him, fight with him 😀

Q13 : Do you love children or not ?

Ans : What do you think 😉

(Oh yes, I think aunty loves to be with children around)

Q14 : What all languages do you know ?

Ans : Tamil, English, broken hindi, very broken Telugu, completely broken kannada 😀 you want me to speak ? 😀

Q15 : Why are you so silent ?

Ans : Wait till the class is over today 😉

did you see how good the interview is 🙂 I love my blog teacher!


What will I do to save India?

Hello readers,I am Ananya, a blog writer. And as an Indian today I will tell you how to save India.Here are few points on how to save India. Let’s start.


We should make it a clean place because we like it as a clean place.

We should not waste water because we will have nothing to drink, bath or brush.

We should not use plastic a lot because it is bad for health.

We should not waste glue, pencil or eraser because it wastes trees.

I                                                LOVE                                      INDIA.



My colourful sofa


My sofa has 3 colours,and those are, brown, orange, and peach. It is a velvet sofa. All my friends love my sofa. My little sister, Aaradhya jumps on and off it. It is the best thing in my house. Every visitor that comes sits on my best sofa. I always sit on my sofa and watch TV. My sofa has bright colours in it. My sofa can be converted into a bed also.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                THE END………..

Rude Ton & Mon


Once there lived a baby called John. He lived with 2 elders, Ton & Mon. Ton & Mon were very rude.One day they went to a zoo and rode on a giraffe. But a dog shooed them away. And then when they returned home they saw a alien. Ton & Mon acted so rudely to the alien that the alien killed them and took John. Then John enjoyed with the alien.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               THE END.

Stupid Fox

maxresdefaultOnce there was a rabbit called Chiko. He was roaming in a garden with his wife. Just then his wife saw some juicy fruits hanging on a tree and told him to get them. Chiko told her that the garden belonged to a fox but she didn’t listen. Chiko had nothing else to do.As soon he started collecting the fox came.Then Chiko hid into a drum and came out and stood quietly. Then the fox asked him if he has seen any rabbit.He said it was in the drum. The fox went inside and Chiko closed the lid. And the fox died.  And Chiko became the owner of the garden.                                                                                                                                                                                 THE END.

The best day of my life

Every day is an interesting day. If we think good, we will have a good day. But, there is a best day in my life, I can never forget it. And today I am going to blog about that best day


The best day of my life was when my little sister was born.I had always wished for a little

sister.But I had to wait for 9 months to get to know whether it was a boy or a girl.The

night when my mother had to go to the hospital, unfortunately my father was in the bus

from Bangalore to Hyderabad. Fortunately my maternal grandma was there with us. One

of  my father’s friend Aviraj Uncle and Akansha Aunt dropped us to the hospital.

Then early morning the nurse announced that the baby was born and it was a girl.

I was overjoyed. She was very cute. And now if you look at her ,she is very naughty.

Her name is Aaradhya.


Did you see how I enjoy with my sister ? 🙂 What is your best day in your life ? Tell me in the comments.