My interview with my funny blogging mam

Hello , today to introduce you to Narmadha aunty, who taught me how to blog. She is very good in teaching and a very silent person. Lets start.

Q1 : What do you like to eat ?

Ans : Chocolate chocolate chocolate !

Q2 : Why do you like to teach blogging ?

Ans : Because every kid has brilliant ideas inside that little mind, and I love to help them bring out in the form of blogging.

Q3 : How did you get spectacles.

Ans : Laptop , phone, TV, laptop, phone , TV, eyes ho gaya , very bad na ? 😦

Q4 : Which is your favourite sport ?

Ans : hmm,, well.. sports and me ? burrrrrrr… maybe carrom ?

Q5 : Which is your favourite season ?

Ans : Earlier I used to love rainy season as I will dance in rain on the terrace. Now, since my kids fall sick during rainy season, I am scared..

Q6 : When you were small which school did you go ?

Ans : St Joseph’s Matriculation school 🙂

Q7 : What is your hobby ?

Ans : troubling my two kids 😛 biting them, giggling them, kissing them

Q8 : At what age did you get your first medal ?

Ans : When I was in first std, me and my friend Suchitra danced for ‘chinna chinna aasaii ‘ song from Roja movie, everyone appreciated so much and we got prize also.

Q9 : Who was your best friend when you were small ?

Ans : Madhu is my bestie… since first std… She will bring mini dosa , I will take mini poori and we exchange food daily 😀

Q10 : Do you like sour things or sweet things ?

Ans : Me , just like my daddy loves sweets

Q11 : Why don’t you wear earrings ?

Ans : Because Yaalini pulls it 😥

Q12 : Whom do you love the most in your family ?

Ans : My parents, hubby, kids all are very important to me.. My husband gets first in the list as I can trouble him , ask him whatever I want, annoy him, fight with him 😀

Q13 : Do you love children or not ?

Ans : What do you think 😉

(Oh yes, I think aunty loves to be with children around)

Q14 : What all languages do you know ?

Ans : Tamil, English, broken hindi, very broken Telugu, completely broken kannada 😀 you want me to speak ? 😀

Q15 : Why are you so silent ?

Ans : Wait till the class is over today 😉

did you see how good the interview is 🙂 I love my blog teacher!