Why is Ananya unique

Hi everyone. Thank you for visiting my blog page.  The meaning of my name is ‘unique’ and yes, I am the best and unique. I will make sure you enjoy reading my blogs.

Do you want to know why I am unique and best girl in the world ?

  1. Dancing : I have danced on many stages. And I am the best dancer in whole family.

  2. Singing : I sing Justin Bieber songs. His songs are the best to sing.

  3. Helping : I love helping others. I love helping my mom while cooking.I always set up the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  4. Studying :I always come top in my class. I am very interested in studying. I even got selected in spell bee rounds.

  5. Talents : Apart from dancing and singing, I have also done karate. I got a yellow belt in karate. I also go for skating classes.

  6. 12799343_1007260165997720_1825498148459130261_n.jpgManners : I have only good manners. But I get angry if you tease me a bit. I take care of my younger sister very well.

    Now tell me, am I a nice girl ? best and unique or not ? My next blog I am going to write about the best day in my life. 🙂